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Audition Information
Entrance Auditions for Tuba and Euphonium, University of Louisville School of Music

Audition    Suggested Works for Euphonium     Suggested Works for Tuba

Freshman-level  Etude Books for Euphonium  Freshman-level Etude Books for Tuba

  The entrance audition will consist of 1) a prepared solo or etude, 2) all major/minor scales and 3) sight-reading.  The solo/etude should be chosen towards the goal of showing your maximum performance capabilities on the tuba or euphonium. If you have done little studying with a teacher, you should try to play a piece you play well.

These solo compositions represent the level of achievement expected for freshman-level study on the tuba and euphonium at the School of Music. Any of these works (or others of similar difficulty) would be suitable for audition material.

  Suggested Works for Euphonium

   Capuzzi - Andante and Rondo
   Ropartz - Andante and Allegro
   Guilmant - Morceau Symphonique
   Barat - Introduction and Dance
   Clarke - Maid of the Mist
   Alary - Concert Piece
   Hutchinson - Sonatina

  Suggested Works for Tuba

   Holmes - Lento
   Bach/Bell - Air and Bouree
   Hogg - Sonatina
   McFarland - Sketches
   Marcello/Little - Sonata in F Major
   Troje/Miller - Sonatina Classica
   Nelhybel - Suite for Tuba

Freshman level etudes would constitute the following books:


   Fink - Studies in Legato
   Bordogni-Rocut - Melodious Etudes, Bk 1
   Tyrrell - 40 Progressive Studies
   Arban - Complete Methods for the Euphonium
   Remington - Warm-Ups
   Bowman - Practical Hints on Playing the Euphonium


   Fink - Studies in Legato for Bass Trombone
   Blazevich  - 70 Studies, Bk 1
   Tyrrell - Advanced Studies
   Koppracsh - 60 Studies
   Remington - Warm-Ups
   Little - Practical Hints on Playing the Tuba
   Arban - Complete Method for Tuba

These materials can be obtained from most quality music stores, or online from:

Robert King Music Sales